Issue Area: Legal Services and Representation

121 Haven

Mission / ObjectivesEducating on abuse prevention & assistance with protection to stop abuse in all its forms.Key areas of workService delivery: counseling, legal advice, shelter/refuge, referrals, etc.Prevention at the community-level: community education, mobilization, awareness raising, etc.Law reform or enforcementAdvocacy

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A Child’s Place CASA

The National CASA Association is a non-profit organization that represents and serves the local CASA programs. It provides training, technical assistance, research, media and public awareness services to members.CASA programs are known by a variety of names, including Guardian ad Litem, ProKids, Child Advocates, Inc., and Voices for Children. If …

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A Legal Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities ARCH

MissionARCH: A Legal Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities is a specialty legal aid clinic dedicated to defending and advancing the equality-rights of persons with disabilities.ARCH proceeds on the following premises:- Persons with disabilities are confronted with unique legal challenges.- Persons with disabilities must have control over their own lives.- …

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AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund LAF

The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund provides funding and a support system for women seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination.The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund, a program of the AAUW Educational Foundation, is the nation’s largest legal fund focused solely on sex discrimination in higher education. Since 1981 the AAUW Legal Advocacy …

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Abogados Voluntarios Acción Colectiva por la Justicia

2.2 Objetivos específicos:- Facilitación del acceso a la Justicia en causas de interés público: focalización prioritaria en la presentación de recursos administrativos, acciones judiciales, particularmente acciones de amparo a favor de personas (físicas o jurídicas) de escasos recursos, en casos de interés público.- Fortalecimiento de las instituciones de la Democracia. …

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Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary

The National Association of Friendship Centres acts as a central unifying body for the Friendship Centre MovementThe NAFC is a non-profit organization governed by a voluntary Board of Directors comprised of eleven regional representatives and a youth representative.The primary objectives are:- to act as a central unifying body for the …

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Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto ALST

Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto was established February 21, 1990. ALST was formed following a needs assessment by the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto in the mid-1980s. The Centre had been operating legal-related programs for Aboriginal people in Toronto but concluded an agency dedicated to this issue was needed.Mission Statement …

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Aboriginal Rights Coalition – Atlantic ARC-A

Mission StatementARC-A works towards the transformation of the relationships between Atlantic Canadian society and Aboriginal peoples. Through education, research, advocacy, and action this regional coalition of churches, other faith bodies, and regional social justice groups works in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples. ARC-A seeks to embody the partnership by building authentic …

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