Issue Area: Prison Reform and Policy

A Global Healthcare Public Foundation

> A Global Healthcare Public Foundation is headquartered in Maryland, USA, as a nonprofit Foundation and has its Africa Office in Nairobi, Kenya.  AGHPF provides services in Africa, Asia and the United States of America.MISSION:A Global Healthcare Public Foundation’s mission is to develop and strengthen the health capacity in resource …

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Abusua Foundation

The Foundation’s mission is guided by the following: ABUSUA embraces the philosophy of charity to all: molding the individual who takes care of others without discrimination. ABUSUA will learn from everybody and organizations we come in contact with and in return pass on the skills and techniques developed to others …

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Abusua Foundation, United States

Abusua Foundation is a registered Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization with the Registrar General’s Department (#G.14122). The Foundation is also registered with the Department of Social Welfare (# D.S.W/2648).The Foundation operates from the former capital of the Ghana – Cape Coast. Presently, Cape Coast is the capital of the Central Region …

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Action Coalition of Taos ACT

The Action Coalition of Taos (ACT) was formed in 2002 to oppose the imminent US war against Iraq. Since then, ACT members have led several spirited and well-attended marches to the houses of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in Taos to protest his role as a prime architect of the Iraq …

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Action des Chretiens pour l`Abolition de la Torture – Canada ACAT

Objectives: ACAT has as its main objectives the abolition of torture and the death penalty, and the provision of assistance for victims of torture and their families.Activities: ACAT petitions governments around the world to end torture and the death penalty; educates the public about human rights; and gathers support from …

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Action des Chrétiens pour l´Abolition de la Torture – Tchad ACAT

Création :Née le 16 juin 1974 à Versailles, reconnue d’utilité publique par décret en date du 18 octobre 1992, publié au Journal Officiel du 23 octobre 1992,Origine :Deux femmes protestantes, très vite rejointes par des amis catholiques, orthodoxes et quakers, décident de sensibiliser les chrétiens et leurs Églises au scandale …

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Action Humanitaire en Afrique au Cameroun AHAC

Projets et programmes – Publication et traduction en langues locales de la déclaration universelle des droits de l’Homme, des manuels, ouvrages et normes sur les droits de l’Homme adoptés et adaptables à l’Afrique. Stages.- Voyages d’études.- Contrôle des prisons en Afrique.ActionsProtection et défense des réfugiés et personnes vulnérables au Cameroun …

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ADDAMEER Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association

Addameer believes in the internationality of human rights based on the respect of human dignity as a priority, the totality of which is constructed upon international laws and conviction.Addameer also believes in the importance of building a free and democratic Palestinian society based on justice, equality, rule of law and …

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Addamir Prisoner`s Support Center

Addamir was established in order to defend, help and support Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. In 1996, Addamir extended its activities to include the whole human rights field. Among its objectives are: a) to study laws, measures, and directives in terms of their accordance with international law and standards and …

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