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@GRASS-ROOTS.ORG tells the stories of the most innovative grassroots programs in the United States and the local heroes who’ve found effective ways to build their communities, fix what’s broken and make them better. We hope you’ll be inspired, and then we

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100 Black Men of Phoenix

100 Black Men of Phoeni100 Black Men Chapters are educating and empowering youth and their families while positively impacting communities.The membership of 100 Black Men of America, Inc has spent the pastĀ 50 years carefully laying the foundation for success. In 1994, we installed our signature Four For The FutureĀ™, which …

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21st Century Foundation for the Technical Support of Central Asian NGOs

The foundation was founded in 1996 to provide affordable publishing to NGOs, schools and universities throughout Central Asia. Since 1997, it has published more than 70 books for NGOs, and currently publishes nine NGO periodicals, including: * Human Rights in Kazakstan and the World, edited by the Kazakstan International Human …

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22/7 Company

22/7 Company22/7 Company is an internationally networked company focusing on facililtating, teaching, presenting, training and coaching individual and organizational human skills in the following areas:Leadership Development Team Building and Development Coaching and Confidence Building Collaboration and Cooperation Creativity and Innovation Communication Self Esteem Motivation and Inspiration Sales Training Personal Information …

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Aarambh Association ry

Aarambh is a non-profit organisation registered with National Board of Patents and Registrations of Finland (Rgn. No. 191020). It has the objectives to carryout development projects in the fields of primary education and basic health care for people with limited access in the remote regions of developing economies. Human beings …

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Transparency International, the only international non-governmental organisation devoted to combating corruption, brings civil society, business, and governments together in a powerful global coalition.TI, through its International Secretariat and more than 85 independent national chapters around the world, works at both the national and international level to curb both the supply …

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Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research ACER

The Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research (ACER) was established in 1985 at Acadia University. Initial funds were provided by the Secretary of State under the Centres of Specialization Fund. ACER is a separate research unit within the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science at Acadia University. The primary objective of …

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