Issue Area: Communication Training

Zemgales NGO’s support center

Mission:- To support all non-governmental organisations by providing information, consultations, education and technical assistance – To promote co-operation between non-governmental organisations, and protects their interests – To develop co-operation between the third sector, municipal institutions and business sector- To promote financial support for non-governmental organisations- To provide educational opportunities for …

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Zimbabwe Network for Informal Settlement Action ZINISA

The Zimbabwe Network for Informal Settlement Action [ZINISA] is a loose coalition of organisations, institutions and individual members interested in working in peri-urban informal settlements and with displaced communities. Some of the main objectives of ZINISA are:Promote consultation and advocacy between member organisations and marginalised communities for the benefit of …

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Zimbabwe Watch

Zimbabwe Watch is a consortium of Dutch NGO’s concerned with the current situation in Zimbabwe.The Dutch NGO’s started a discussion group in 2000 as the first cases of political violence appeared. In the run-up to the presidential elections on March 9 and 10, the situation in Zimbabwe has worsened dramatically. …

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