Issue Area: Democracy Education

180 Movement for Democracy and Education

The 180 Movement for Democracy and Education is dedicated to helping build a campus-based movement for political empowerment and participatory democracy. Through education and organizing we hope to encourage a radical political presence in our schools to transform them and our communities into truly democratic spaces. We oppose corporate control …

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A Majority for Justice

A Majority for Justice will focus on democratizing the California electorate by informing, registering, and mobilizing voters of all races and income levels who care about meeting the needs of all Californians. Our initial strategy will be to educate and galvanize high school and college students across the state to …

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Abalekwa Development Organization

Action Areas:Agriculture Art and Culture Capacity Building Communication Community Sustainable Development Credit Democracy Education Entrepreneurship Environment Family Planning Food and Nutrition HIV/AIDS Housing Human Rights Information Institution Building Literacy Official Development Assistance ( ODA ) – Aid Poverty Eradication Primary Education Research Savings Science and Technology Secondary Education Small Business …

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MISSION STATEMENT:Mission Statement to ameliorate conflict situations and promote a culture of peace,Human Right,Democracy and Development based on knowledge of Cultural,civic,Environmental and Health Issues.Promote cultural,formal and non-formal education as well as technical and vocational skill development to enhance employment and job opportunities for a better standard of human developmentAims & …

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Abraham Fund Initiatives New York

The Abraham Fund Initiatives, based in Jerusalem and New York is a not for profit, non-partisan organization. A pioneer in the field of Jewish-Arab relations, the organization was founded in 1989 by Alan B. Slifka and the late Dr. Eugene Weiner and named for the common ancestor of both Jews …

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Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, Programa de Derechos Humanos (AHC)

The Human Rights Program, one of AHC’s six research programs, began in November 1980 with several objectives: to systematically develop a modern concept of human rights; to disseminate an understanding of human rights to social institutions in Chile; and to progressively instill an idea of the essential value of people …

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Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos AMDH

The Mexican Academy for Human Rights (Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos, AMDH) was founded in 1984 by a group of academic and social movement leaders, government officials, opposition leaders, scientists and artists. Since then, the AMDH, has been working in the areas of research, teaching, analysis, documentation, training, promotion and …

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Academy for Educational Development AED New York

AEDEvery human being has a unique gift to contribute to our world and our future. For more than four decades, AED has devoted all the skills, talent and dedication at its disposal to that belief. AED works everywhere from remote villages to bustling capitals to address critical social problems and …

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