Issue Area: Democracy Education

Active for Independent Initiative AII

The AII through different forms of information, is informing the citizens of R.M. with the basics values and concept of pluralistic democracy, like: – election system- government- local self-government etc. AII works on initiating the citizens to take active place in the democratic decision making, in contest of democratic processes …

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Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement [AYISE]

Introduction The Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement [AYISE] was founded in October, 1995. The aim was to provide civic education to young people and the rural communities on issues that would promote acceptable morals in Malawian society. Following the 1994 political transition there was a general misconception and confusion …

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Activote America

Mission:Activote is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization committed to providing Americans equal opportunity access to local, regional and national governmental and political resources. It is Activote’s goal to empower all individuals with the information and understanding necessary to voice concerns, address issues and ultimately impact change through the voting process.ActiVote:ActiVote America …

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Actual Democracy

An independent, voluntary, charity formed for you. Actual Democracy exists so that you can choose for the first time everYou can choose which is the most important issue to be solvedYou weigh up the truth and facts (not propaganda)You choose the solutionsThe options that the People select will actually happenUntil …

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ADAM Friends of the Development of Crafts in Memba

ADAM is a network consisting of five groups of autonomous craftsmen based in the Memba district. Their work areas include tailor’s workshop, embroidery, carpentry, smithery, bakery, basket making, fishing net production and pottery. The primary objective of ADAM is to develop activities that can secure local economic support. The activities …

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ADECOM Network

VISION:To enable the people who are politically, culturally, economically, socially and spiritually depressed to get their rights and to empower them by transforming them from conscientisation stage to participation stage.MISSION: * Facilitation, Monitoring, Supporting and Evaluation * Creating alternative model * Network * Mobilising support from outside.GOALS:1. Political:To attain clarity …

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AEGEE can make motivated Europeans to discover their potentials and let them develop social skills in an international context. Since its foundation in 1985 AEGEE has been striving for its clear goal: the development of responsible young personalities who make a positive contribution to society today and in the futureThe …

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