Issue Area: Fair Electoral Process

Activist`s Center for Training in Organizing and Networking ACTION PA

Since 1995, we have worked with communities in Pennsylvania and beyond on waste, energy and toxics issues, contributing to victories against proposed incinerators, landfills, power plants, medical waste facilities, sewage sludge dumping, water fluoridation, and a nuclear waste dump. Through our Energy Justice Network project, we work with people around …

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Activote America

Mission:Activote is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization committed to providing Americans equal opportunity access to local, regional and national governmental and political resources. It is Activote¬ís goal to empower all individuals with the information and understanding necessary to voice concerns, address issues and ultimately impact change through the voting process.ActiVote:ActiVote America …

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Actual Democracy

An independent, voluntary, charity formed for you. Actual Democracy exists so that you can choose for the first time everYou can choose which is the most important issue to be solvedYou weigh up the truth and facts (not propaganda)You choose the solutionsThe options that the People select will actually happenUntil …

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ADC Fresno

Our Activities:>>> Immigration Law Enforcement/INS Detention>>> Indigenous Peoples>>> Job Discrimination>>> Multiculturalism/Diversity>>> Racial Profiling>>> Voting/Democratic Process

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Afghan Research and Evaluation Unit AREU

The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) is an independent research organisation whose mission is to conduct and facilitate action-oriented research and learning that informs and influences policy and practice. AREU also actively promotes a culture of research and learning by strengthening analytical capacity in Afghanistan and creating opportunities for …

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African Youth For Transparency [AYFT]

AYFT is a non- profit, non- governmental organization whose objectives is to eradicate all forms of corruption and indiscipline in public and private life, especially amongst public office holders with the youth as active participants, thus ensuring sustainable social, economic and political development. African youth For Transparency challenges, empowers, and …

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AFROORICHA,organizacion de etnias afrocolombianas con perspectiva de genero, justicia y equidad

Areas of FocusAfrican Diaspora/African DescendentsCaste DiscriminationClass & RaceColonialismCommunications/MediaEducational DisparitiesEnvironmental RacismEthnic conflicts/GenocideGlobalizationJob DiscriminationMulticulturalism/DiversityRacial ProfilingRefugees/Displaced PersonsReparations and Compensatory MeasuresReproductive RightsSexual Orientation/Transgender OppressionSlavery/TraffickingVoting/Democratic ProcessWomen of ColorWorkers’ Rights

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Aid Transparency AT

AID TRANSPARENCY (AT) is a regional non-governmental organization based in Dakar, Senegal. It is created in response to the overwhelming need for improved governance and development delivery services as well as innovative ways for tackling development issues, strategies and operations in Africa.AT’s mission is: – to monitor development assistance and …

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Al Mubadara

Immediate Objectives of the Initiative:Creation of a national emergency leadership with a unified strategy and full democratic participation in decision-making. Working for free democratic elections for all institutions and political posts in the Palestinian Territories including the Presidency, the Palestinian Legislative Council (Parliament), and local councils. An international presence to …

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