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The mission of December 18 is to promote and protect the rights of migrants with dignity and respect as basic values. Our goal is to support the work of migrant organizations in the different regions by using the Internet as a tool for advocacy, networking and the dissemination of information.Portal …

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1957 Charity Foundation

THIS ORGANIZATION IS NO LONGER ACTIVEThe mission of The 1957 Charity Foundation is to improve the quality of life for people in the Delaware Valley by proving thoughtful support to well-managed charitable programs in the region.The 1957 Charity Foundation is a private, charitable grantmaking organization that provides financial support to …

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2 Life 18 Foundation

Our MissionOur mission is to coordinate and provide help, rescue, and compassion during and after disasters and emergencies.Our Principle “To Save a Life is as if you saved the Whole World”The 2 Life 18 Help and Rescue Initiative has been formed to coordinate with faith-based groups and the private sector …

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2020 Fund

Achieving a Sustainable Planet by 2020The 2020 Fund is a hybrid global philanthropic and social venture investment platform. The Fund is dedicated to high-leverage investments in critical market infrastructure projects and enterprises (e.g.,, 2020 Metrics, Communications, and Advanced Technology Projects). In addition to its core investors, the 2020 Fund …

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21st Century Trust

As globalization transforms how we relate to one another across national and professional boundaries, it is essential that future decision takers and opinion leaders from all walks of life have the opportunity to learn from one another and to test their ideas in an international and inter-disciplinary context. The Trust …

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22/7 Company

22/7 Company22/7 Company is an internationally networked company focusing on facililtating, teaching, presenting, training and coaching individual and organizational human skills in the following areas:Leadership Development Team Building and Development Coaching and Confidence Building Collaboration and Cooperation Creativity and Innovation Communication Self Esteem Motivation and Inspiration Sales Training Personal Information …

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56a Infoshop

The 56a Infoshop is a volunteer-run, 100% unfunded DIY-run social centre in Walworth, South London.We are a resource for local people, campaign groups and projects as well as selling books, zines, music and t-shirts. We have an extensive radical archive of international info with hundreds if not thousands of publications …

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A andC Farms

Local Harvest- LocalHarvest maintains a definitive and reliable living” public nationwide directory of small farms

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A Better Bronx For Youth Consortium

Our primary goal [imgur:tn_SteveBoys.JPG:SteveBoys] is to provide capacity building strategies through support services, training, technical assistance, program monitoring and funding to a network of Bronx-based youth service organizations. Collectively, our missions focus on the prevention of teen pregnancy, insufficient education, substance abuse and the vast array of negative at-risk” behaviors …

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