Issue Area: Training for Nonprofits

21st Century Foundation for the Technical Support of Central Asian NGOs

The foundation was founded in 1996 to provide affordable publishing to NGOs, schools and universities throughout Central Asia. Since 1997, it has published more than 70 books for NGOs, and currently publishes nine NGO periodicals, including: * Human Rights in Kazakstan and the World, edited by the Kazakstan International Human …

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A Global Healthcare Public Foundation

> A Global Healthcare Public Foundation is headquartered in Maryland, USA, as a nonprofit Foundation and has its Africa Office in Nairobi, Kenya.  AGHPF provides services in Africa, Asia and the United States of America.MISSION:A Global Healthcare Public Foundation’s mission is to develop and strengthen the health capacity in resource …

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Abbotsford Community Foundation

We all care about our community. Abbotsford is our home, our workplace, our playground. We all have a vision for Abbotsford… and the Abbotsford Community Foundation exists in order to bring your vision to life.For twenty five years the Abbotsford Community Foundation has been helping to enrich the cultural and …

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Aberdeen Foyer

Foyer Federation- Since launching in 1992, the UK Foyer network has grown to over 130 local Foyers supporting more than 10,000 homeless 16 to 25 year-olds each year, giving them a chance to realise their full potential. They enable young people at risk to escape the ‘no home-no job-no home’ …

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Abhiyvakti Foundation

To build up self initiatives for the well being of marginalized sections through livelihood and sustainable environment. We undertake studies and different assignments on environment, livelihood and other related issues. Abhivyakti Foundaiton also works as a local resource agency to build up the capacity of local non profit voluntary organizations …

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Abusua Foundation

The Foundation’s mission is guided by the following: ABUSUA embraces the philosophy of charity to all: molding the individual who takes care of others without discrimination. ABUSUA will learn from everybody and organizations we come in contact with and in return pass on the skills and techniques developed to others …

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Abusua Foundation, United States

Abusua Foundation is a registered Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization with the Registrar General’s Department (#G.14122). The Foundation is also registered with the Department of Social Welfare (# D.S.W/2648).The Foundation operates from the former capital of the Ghana – Cape Coast. Presently, Cape Coast is the capital of the Central Region …

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Academy for the Love of Learning

Our MissionThe mission of the Academy for the Love of Learning is to awaken, enliven, nurture and sustain the natural love of learning in people of all ages. We seek to encourage and cultivate the powers of critical thought, imagination, curiosity, innate sense of purpose, wonder and inspiration, and an …

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Acción solidaria y logistica

¿Qué es ASL?Es una asociación civil que se fundamenta en su voluntariado, sin ánimo de lucro ycon la finalidad de proporcionar soporte técnico, formativo y logístico a organizaciones humanitarias de paises en vias de desarrollo, y en bolsas de pobreza de nuestras ciudades. ¿Qué hacemos?Aportamos herramientas y materiales técnicos, formación …

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