Issue Area: Good Governance

Yonge Nawe Environmental Action Group

Yonge Nawe is a public interest membership based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that campaigns on issues of environment and sustainable development. Yonge Nawe was founded in 1987 by a group of individuals who were concerned with the state of the environment in the country and the low level of environmental awareness …

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Youngstars Foundation

Mission- Citizenship Education and Good Governance.- Peace Building and Conflict Management.- Youth / Adolescent Reproductive Health & HIV/AIDS.- Gender and Child Development.- Youth Exchange programmes- Entreprenuership and Leadership Development.

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Youth Activists of Pflugerville

Youth Activists of Pflugerville mission:Youth Activists of Pflugerville is an organization that unites teenagers in the Austin area/Texas. This group is passionate about the fight against racism, governmental corruption, sexism, or any other form of injustice.

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Youth Ambassadors With No Borders

Former youth leaders, who dreamed to fulfill youth empowerment even in their limited capacity to continue to serve this marginalized sector of the country has formed themselves into an organization. The Youth Ambassadors With No Borders is a youth serving organization referred to individuals who are young people and always …

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Youth Emancipation and Support (YES)

Background: YOUTH EMANCIPATION and SUPPORT (YES) is a non-governmental organisation, which was founded in Mushin, a suburb of Lagos State in 1997. The organisation came into inception as a response to the in-human and unjust conditions which politicians, government policies and the society subject youths to in recent times; among …

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Youth Human Rights Network YHRN

The goal of the project is to mobilize the efforts of youth within the Human Rights Youth Network for improvement of the situation with human rights in Azerbaijan through the enlightenment on human rights issues and human rights protection activities.YHRN activity:>..Rule of Law>..Local self-governance>..Human rights>..NGO Development>..Gender issue>..Political questions>..Education

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Youth Press and Development Organisation [YPDO]

The Youth Press & Development Organization was formed in the year 2000 to address poverty issues that youths and other vulnerable groupings are undergoing. Youth empowerment is the direction of our objectives to fuse in life skills that would see them fish for life at the same time fight and …

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YORNG is a non-governmental, non profit making, non partisan and voluntary organization. It exists to commit the involvment of the youth, women and the physically challenged in identifying problems and find solutions to them through the development decision- making processes for sustainable development at the rural communities.YORNG work to promote …

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