Issue Area: Community Enterprise

Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with Production [ZIMFEP]

Objectives Contribute towards the development of a comprehensive education and training policy for the formal, informal, small and medium scale entrepreneurs as an integral part of the national plan for human resources development. Contribute towards the development of a viable model or system of education and training for employment creation …

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Zimbabwe Project Trust

Objectives To contribute towards poverty reduction by promoting sustainable community based programmes. Mission Statement To facilitate access to skills and resources to the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized women, men, girls and boys of Zimbabwe for enhanced sustainable management of livelihood activities that promote fairness, equity and justice. .

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Zimbabwe Women`s Bureau [ZWB]

ObjectivesTo promote entrepreneurial development and improve overall project implementation in order to achieve self reliance through the promotion of effective marketing strategies, networking, functional literacy and business management.To improve management of information of the organisation and create common ground, understanding and awreness of civic, legal, health issues among ZWB membersTo …

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