Issue Area: Community Resources

ZERO Regional Environment Organisation

ZERO Regional Environment Organisation, is the premier research, planning and Implementation agency operating in the Southern African region since 1987. Objectives * Rural Community Needs To assist in developing the capacities of rural communities to influence policies for effective land-based resource management in a gender sensitive context. * Policy Advocacy, …

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Zihlomiseni Community Development Centre ZCDC

Vision: To provide an alternate approach to resources provision and in-service teachers training in order to enhance teachers competency in the classroom.Mission: To build up a practical and useful educational Library.- To ensure that ZCDC programmes have well-planned and coordinated follow up programmes.- To ensure long term effective results in …

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Zimbabwe Network for Informal Settlement Action ZINISA

The Zimbabwe Network for Informal Settlement Action [ZINISA] is a loose coalition of organisations, institutions and individual members interested in working in peri-urban informal settlements and with displaced communities. Some of the main objectives of ZINISA are:Promote consultation and advocacy between member organisations and marginalised communities for the benefit of …

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Zimbabwe Project Trust

Objectives To contribute towards poverty reduction by promoting sustainable community based programmes. Mission Statement To facilitate access to skills and resources to the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized women, men, girls and boys of Zimbabwe for enhanced sustainable management of livelihood activities that promote fairness, equity and justice. .

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Zimbabwe Women`s Bureau [ZWB]

ObjectivesTo promote entrepreneurial development and improve overall project implementation in order to achieve self reliance through the promotion of effective marketing strategies, networking, functional literacy and business management.To improve management of information of the organisation and create common ground, understanding and awreness of civic, legal, health issues among ZWB membersTo …

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