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A Glimmer of Hope

A Glimmer of Hope is a family foundation primarily focused on making a sustainable difference in the lives of the rural poor of Ethiopia by way of its innovative direct aid, self-help approach. A Glimmer of Hope’s goal is to help the Ethiopian people help themselves and by engaging at …

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A Miner Miracle

A Miner Miracle is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that provides professional clothing and image counseling to low-income men, women, and young adults seeking employment. The purpose of the program is to help disadvantaged people enter the workplace by educating them to present themselves well and with pride. The program …

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A Network for Jewish Youth ANJY

The project ANJY (pronounced as ANN-GEE”) that is being pioneered by the Association for Jewish Youth aims to integrate the latest advancements of Information Technology and Data Communications into the UK Jewish Youth Environment. This gives the organisations and the young people themselves an exciting and attractive means of communications …

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A. J. Fletcher Philanthropy

VisionChange North Carolina by helping people and organizations recognize and solve social and community problems. Let’s fix it together.Deremia Johnson, Program coordinator; Barbara Goodmon, president; Dr. Bob Bilbro, The Healing Place; Maria Spaulding, board memberMissionSupport nonprofit organizations in their endeavors to enrich the lives and well-being of people in North …

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A.A.V.V Picarral

Comisión de Solidaridad del Picarral Somos un grupo de voluntarios perteneciente a la Asociación de Vecinos del Picarral de Zaragoza, que a principios del año 2000 relanzó la Comisión de Solidaridad, que ya existía anteriormente en la Asociación. La motivación principal que nos empujó a poner en marcha la Comisión …

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A.J. Fletcher Foundation

The A.J. Fletcher Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity formed by the founder of Capitol Broadcasting Company, the late A.J. Fletcher. The Foundation is organized to support The Fletcher Academy School of Achievement, a school for learning-disabled children, and also supports the work of other charitable, civic and social organizations. …

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Aadarsh Gyan Mandir

Aadarsh Gyan Mandir Sansthan focuses its efforts on the advancement development of socially, economically and culturally backward masses of rural areas and provide them opportunities for their self development. Sansthan envisaged various community based development programmes, trainings and awareness campaign in the project areas of Jamwaramgarh in Jaipur district. Major …

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Objectives To organize & strengthen women to ensure their participation in the Development process. To capacitate the women and provide opportunities for economic empowerment. To enhance Womens Role through providing them Education, and sector specific training. To aware and sensitize stakeholders for achieving desirable conditions to women empowerment. About usAAGAHI …

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