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Aai-Baba Bahudeshiy Vyam Krida

Aai-Baba Education Society has undertaken following activity namely primary school, Balwadi, library, women, saving unit, training & production centre for women, social service camp for youth leadership, youth festivals, literacy classes for deserted students and other development activity in rural area.

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Aalochana-Centre for Documentation and Research on Women

Aalochana, which means critical review, was set up as a non-profit resource centre for women. Our point of departure has been to re-examine and re-evalutate our lives, our experiences, our skills and our beliefs. Through our research and documentation of all aspects of women`s lives, especially of poor and low …

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AASARA was formed in 1993, thanks to a group of people under the leadership of Father Joe and Sister Sandhya. The organisation began in the Thane train station, in Bombay. Since then AASARA has come a long way, building up its capacity to shelter, and research into the needs of, …

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Abaana-African children

Abaana is a charity run by volunteers, along with three full time workers, for the benefit of less privileged people in Africa. The word Abaana” comes from a language found in the country of Uganda (East Africa) and means “children”. Most of our work is geared towards children in Africa

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Abaco Freecycle

The Freecycle Network™ is composed of many individual groups across the globe. To visit the central hub of this network, see the following website:

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Abang Ashu Academy (3A) is a Christian theological and humanitarian organization in Cameroon committed to the provision of humanitarianassistance and pastoral care to communities in crisis. The organisationfocuses on help for widows, aging persons, handicapped persons,pregnant women, mothers and children in need.

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