Issue Area: Community Resources

Abbotsford Community Foundation

We all care about our community. Abbotsford is our home, our workplace, our playground. We all have a vision for Abbotsford… and the Abbotsford Community Foundation exists in order to bring your vision to life.For twenty five years the Abbotsford Community Foundation has been helping to enrich the cultural and …

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ABC No Rio

ABC No Rio is a collectively-run center for art and activism. We are known internationally as a venue for oppositional culture. ABC No Rio was founded in 1980 by artists committed to political and social engagement and we retain these values to the present.We seek to facilitate cross-pollination between artists …

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ABC Ulwazi

IntroductionApplied Broadcasting Centre [ABC] Ulwazi is a Radio Training and Production House based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are a Section 21 non-governmental and non-profit organisation with 18a status. Our objectives are the strengthening of the community radio sector in South Africa and the development of radio as a tool …

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Abelard Foundation East

Abelard Foundation-East (Abelard East) focuses its grantmaking on projects operating east of the Mississippi River. The board of directors meets in the late spring and late fall each year to make grantmaking decisions. The average grant size is $10,000. While grants are approved for one year, the Foundation will consider …

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Abelard Foundation West

Supporting social change organizations which reflect, through membership or participation, the communities in which they are based; expand community control over economic, social and environmental decisions affecting the community’s well-being; and support to build a strong informed voice on public policy issues.

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Aberdeen Freegle

Don’t throw it away – give it away on Freegle! You might not need that old sofa or wheelbarrow any more – but there might be someone just round the corner who does. Or if there’s something you’d like, someone nearby might have one.Lurking in sheds, attics and cupboards all …

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Abhas Sanskar Kendra – ASK

Abhas Sanskar Kendra is a non-profitable trust engaged in the upliftment of the poor, down trodden and helpless section of society in slum areas and adivasi pockets.

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