Issue Area: Community Training

A Ripple Project

The Ripple Project is a great way to explore alternative ways of living together in harmony with the earth and each other. In celebration of life, personal growth, co-operative living, and spiritual fulfillment we want to extend our ‘ripples’ to all those interested in practicing sustainability and community based change. …

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A-projekt is a non-profit organization working to preserve natural environment and develop rural communities in Northern Slovakia. We promote development respectful of natural, spiritual and cultural values of our region. We nurture partnership among citizens, local and regional governments, and businesses in the region. We participate in the creation of …

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Aadhivasi Mahasabha State Committee Office

The organisation works for the welfare of the tribal people in the state of Kerala. It conducts several welfare programmes in the field of education, employment, environment protection, food and nutrition, health care, etc.

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AADITYA – Indian Education Foundation

The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating.The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them transforms both the creator and their creation.We invite you to join us to evolve, to manifest the abundance of life, together.Helping other …

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Aai-Baba Bahudeshiy Vyam Krida & Yuvak Sanstha

MissionTo provide better educational and training facilities for the rural poor. To provide credit to the needy and to make them aware of the need to save. To work for the overall development of the rural population.

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Aalochana-Centre for Documentation and Research on Women

Aalochana, which means critical review, was set up as a non-profit resource centre for women. Our point of departure has been to re-examine and re-evalutate our lives, our experiences, our skills and our beliefs. Through our research and documentation of all aspects of women`s lives, especially of poor and low …

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Aark – Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

The Aark is nestled in the countryside of Newtown, Pennsylvania. As the Ark of Noah provided refuge from extinction for the world’s wildlife species, the Aark provides temporary sanctuary for thousands of injured and orphaned birds and mammals annually.The work of the Aark is divided into three major areas – …

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ABC Capacity Building Foundation

Contribute towards alleviation Poverty in Africa by providing the youth in the developed world with opportunities to volunteer in community capacity building, empowerment and participatotry development

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ABC Ulwazi

IntroductionApplied Broadcasting Centre [ABC] Ulwazi is a Radio Training and Production House based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are a Section 21 non-governmental and non-profit organisation with 18a status. Our objectives are the strengthening of the community radio sector in South Africa and the development of radio as a tool …

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