Issue Area: Advancing Democracy

Zonta International District 29

Zonta is active in more than 69 countries and has about 32 000 members. This organization has a great variety of members mainly women, who lead different lives but share a common goal: to improve the legal, professional, political and economic status of women throughout the world. Zonta is an …

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Zonta Resource Centre ZRC

Provides counselling, legal advice, education, vocational guidance and placement, job training, assistance for starting business, market centres for women to sell products; runs shelter programmes.

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Zoo Check Campaign – Aims:Short-term:- To investigate and expose the suffering of individual captive wild animals.- To campaign to alleviate suffering and to raise public awareness about captive animal issues.Medium-term:- To promote the establishment of minimum standards of captive animal welfare.- To encourage adherence to national and international legalisation.Long-term:- To …

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Zoological Foundation of El Salvador

The Zoological Foundation of El Salvador (FUNZEL) is aSalvadoran non-profit organization, founded in 1989, with a mission to protectand conserve the wildlife of El Salvador. FUNZEL is involved in various programsand projects to conserve wildlife and their ecosystems but specializes inconservation programs for four species of sea turtle that nest …

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Zrenjanin Initiative – Our Town Association (ZING)

Priorities of work: agriculture/pesticidesenvironmental educationnature protectionpublic participationsustainable agriculturewater management Activities: advisory servicesconferences, meetingseducationinformation disseminationpublic meetings

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Zubor Independent Ecological Movement

Priorities of work: 1. air quality/air pollution2. biodiversity3. climate change4. environmental education5. environmental policy making6. energy7. forestry8. nature protection9. public participation10. sustainable agriculture11. tourism/sustainable/eco tourism12. waste management13. water managementActivities: advisory servicesawareness raising campaignsconferences, meetingseducationinformation disseminationmonitoringnetworkingpublic meetings

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