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1.618 est un événement annuel grand public qui rassemble un salon commercial, une exposition d’art contemporain et un espace dédié à l’innovation.Innovation, Création, Art et Développement Durable au service d’un autre Luxe, plus éthique, plus en phase avec son temps.

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10,000 Kites

While the ongoing violence between Israelis and Palestinians has painted a picture of hopelessness and despair, more than 80 organizations and communities have a very different picture to paint: the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and visions of ordinary Israelis and Palestinians who desperately want peace.Above and beyond the current conflict, 10,000 …

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18th Street Arts Center

18th Street Arts Center is a nonprofit residential arts center in Santa Monica that supports artists and arts organizations dedicated to issues of community and diversity in contemporary society.”In its curatorial decision-making process

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4c-Conscious Creative Cultural Connection

4c is a Durango based non-profit organization that began in March of 2009.  Our mission is to provide forums for cultural development by bearing witness to people expressions and contributions to the shifting cultural paradigm. We organized and funded three community events in ’09 for the spring equinox, summer solstice, …

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A Cultural Arts Project

Areas of Focus: – African Diaspora/African Descendents- Class & Race- Communications/Media- Educational Disparities- Indigenous Peoples- Internalized Racial Oppression- Juvenile Justice – Multiculturalism/Diversity- Police Brutality- Reparations and Compensatory Measures- Slavery/Trafficking- The Arts- Women of Color

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A Long Walk Home, Inc.

A Long Walk Home, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that issues art to document, to educate and to end violence committed against women, men and children. We use the testimonies, poetry, music, photograph, and videos of and by survivors to bring about social change and healing.Our unique …

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A Miner Miracle

A Miner Miracle is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that provides professional clothing and image counseling to low-income men, women, and young adults seeking employment. The purpose of the program is to help disadvantaged people enter the workplace by educating them to present themselves well and with pride. The program …

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A Political and Ethical Knowledge on Economic Activities PEKEA

PEKEA sets up a global think tank network :PEKEA is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations granted in July 2006PEKEA is running as an open network , gathering academics from various disciplines, people committed in concrete actions and also local …

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