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Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana

Youth Harvest Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2002.  The vision of the foundation is creating self-reliant and self-sufficient youth in healthy communities. Its mission is to identify unfulfilled needs of young people and to develop, implement and fund breakthrough solutions that have a lasting impact. To achieve our …

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Youth Oppression Book

The Youth Oppression Book is a book that will contain stories about events that youth have suffered during fights for their civil rights and an equal role in society.

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youTHink, a program of the Zimmer Children’s Museum

youTHink is an innovative education program of the Zimmer Children’s Museum. youTHink uses the power of art to foster critical thinking, engage diverse learners, promote literacy and serve as a tool for social change. youTHink includes the following 3 components:youTHink School Services provide arts-based lessons in Los Angeles area public …

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Zanendaba Storytellers

Our mission: Utilising the age old art of storytelling instill values, identity consciousness, love, harmony, and general awareness of practical issues towards a more progressive South African society.Our Programme areas:- Arts and Culture, – Education, – HIV/Aids.

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Zero 1 Digital

Zero1 Digital provides net/art and printing technology alongside the civil and human rights movements. An on-line arts organization that speak-up for social justice and popular expression.

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