Issue Area: Arts Education

Action Diaspora Negro A-DN

ONG ACTION-DIASPORA NEGRO dont les objectifs essentiels visent : -Au retour et à l’intégration éventuelle de la diaspora noire, -A la promotion et à l’encadrement des jeunes génies créatifs et inventifs africains Types d’activitésEducation : Soutien scolaire Pays en développement : Education / Formation Pays en développement : Développement économique

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Action Space

Action Space has been running for over twenty years and provides visual art projects for people with mild to profound learning disabilities. We run projects all over London and where possible, in arts venues. Participants learn new skills at our projects and have the chance to work in different types …

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Action Space Mobile

Barnsley based Action Space Mobile is a community arts organisation that has been driving the arts since 1968. We deliver a wide range of visual and performance arts workshops in schools and colleges and for community groups tailored to their needs based on the belief that arts activity can change …

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Adduce Foundation

Adduce Foundation is a non-profit operating foundation providing enrichment opportunities for young people interested in the arts. Presently focused in the Colorado Springs community, Adduce Foundation offers high school juniors and seniors art workshops and college scholarships.

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Adivasi Sanskruti Gabesana Parishad ASGP

ASGP conducts state level and district level Seminars and Workshops on various aspects of tribal culture and education.The focal theme of the seminars conducted by ASGP were:1. Tribal Development from People’s Vision: Why the development planners fail to understand the social dynamics of the community and why the plans fail. …

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Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation

[imgur:banner1.gif:]OUR MISSIONThe mission of the Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. is to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We have a variety of focuses including — but not limited to — human and social services, the arts, children and the elderly, and health care. We are …

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Africa Reparations Movement ARM

Aims and obectives 1. To use all lawful means to obtain Reparations for the enslavement and colonisation of African people in Africa and in the African Diaspora. 2. To use all lawful means to secure the return of African artefacts from whichever place they are currently held. 3. To seek …

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AFS International Youth Development operates throughout the UK from its National Office in Leeds. Families, schools, communities, individuals, in towns or countryside, from Orkney to Jersey, from Northern Ireland to Suffolk: Invite the world into your home or spend time sharing life with a family abroad!AFS Intercultural Programmmes: A FS …

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Age & Opportunity

Challenging negative attitudes to ageing and older people. Promoting greater participation by older people in society.Areas of work include: arts and culture, physical activity, education, travel, volunteering, equality, entitlements, health services, and active participation.

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