Issue Area: Arts Education

Yerba Buena Center For The Arts

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts creates, presents and explores today’s multidisciplinary art with diverse artists, institutions and communities in an atmosphere of inclusion, respect, collaboration, inquiry and commitment.The vitality of life in the Bay Area depends on our continued exposure to varied perspectives and beliefs. As well, our legacy …

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Youth Culture Centre, MK

Youth Cultural Center – Bitola [YCC] is an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit youth organization. It was formed in 1997 named Youth Cultural Association [YCA] as non-formal group of enthusiasts, young people and young intellectuals, part of them as freelanced artists, musicians, actors, organizers and people with advanced ideas.Vision: Our …

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Youth Expressions, Inc

YOUTH EXPRESSIONS is a not-for-profit program committed to helping at-risk urban youth develop into self-assured, focused, productive and skilled adults. Youth Expressions offers highly supported programming using popular art forms to help them realize and express their talents and thus inspire and motivate them to develop self-assurance, focus, discipline, and …

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Youth for Exchange and Understanding YEU

Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU) is an International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation established in 1986 and member of the European Youth Forum in Brussels as an INGYO. YEU is recognized as INGYO by the Council of Europe and by the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the European Commission, whom …

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youTHink, a program of the Zimmer Children’s Museum

youTHink is an innovative education program of the Zimmer Children’s Museum. youTHink uses the power of art to foster critical thinking, engage diverse learners, promote literacy and serve as a tool for social change. youTHink includes the following 3 components:youTHink School Services provide arts-based lessons in Los Angeles area public …

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Zero 1 Digital

Zero1 Digital provides net/art and printing technology alongside the civil and human rights movements. An on-line arts organization that speak-up for social justice and popular expression.

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The aim of Zimwriter is to advance the development and enjoyment of creative writing amongst Zimbabweans, and to provide local content for producers, broadcasters, publishers, literary agencies, ad agencies, production houses, with international standard formatted local scripts.OBJECTIVES1)    To support the development of, and interest in creative writing in Zimbabwe and …

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