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Arts Dreams

A.Dreams est créée en 2004 à Lyon. Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif, elle œuvre pour le développement de rencontres et d’échanges autour de la pratique artistique et culturelle. Accès aux arts et aux cultures, dialogues, rencontres interculturelles et intergénérationnelles, promotion de jeunes talents de toutes origines et mobilité internationale …

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Arts For Global Development, Inc.

Arts For Global Development, Inc. [Art4Development.Net] is an international volunteer based initiative with a purpose of furthering interdisciplinary, multisectoral, cross-cultural and creative approach in social change, and facilitating creative sector and stakeholders of development together empower socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and communities worldwide, particularly children, youth, and women. Our …

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ArtWorks, The Naomi Cohain Foundation

ArtWorks provides children and young adults suffering from chronic and life-threatening illnesses, and their siblings, access to creative and performing arts programs that encourage the use of the creative process as a vehicle for healing, communication, self-expression and personal development. ArtWorks seeks to empower, validate, and honor these children by …

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Asian American Arts Centre

Asian American Arts Centre was founded in 1974 in New York City to address the distinctive concerns of Asian Americans in the United States. Its mission is to promote the preservation and creative vitality of Asian American cultural growth through the arts, and its historical and aesthetic linkage to other …

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Association for the Study of Literature and Environment

The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) was founded in October 1992 to promote the exchange of ideas and information about literature and other cultural representations that consider human relationships with the natural world. The name of the organization is meant to be as inclusive as possible, …

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atelier idéal

L’Atelier Idéal à la Chapelle, lieu d’expérimentation sociale, politique et artistique à Toulouse depuis 1993.

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Auld Kirk Arts

Auld Kirk Arts is a privately owned sharing space for performance, learning and exhibition in the various arts, music. Focus is on  passion for life, earth & culture, sharing through the arts. Finding the roots of creativity and fuelling positive grassroots social activism. From  lifestyle, local food sources, independent arts, …

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