Issue Area: Social Justice Education

180 Movement for Democracy and Education

The 180 Movement for Democracy and Education is dedicated to helping build a campus-based movement for political empowerment and participatory democracy. Through education and organizing we hope to encourage a radical political presence in our schools to transform them and our communities into truly democratic spaces. We oppose corporate control …

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1Sky is dedicated to aggregating a massive nationwide movementby communicating a positive vision and a coherent set of nationalpolicies that rise to the scale of the climate challenge we areconfronting. It has been borne from the collective urgency anddetermination of leaders throughout the country. Our movement has manystrengths, audiences and …

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Mission2amase is a Social Enterprise consultancy, training and research organisation. Our mission is to ensure that Social Enterprise is seen as a viable way to make a positive impact on society.2amase offers a range of services to new and existing social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, voluntary and community organisations, umbrella organisations, …

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221 Engineers’ Association

– To coordinate the efforts of the NGO members to promote the establishment of a state of social welfare and the rule of law in Armenia.- To implement policies for sustainable human development and human rights protection, particularly the

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221 Engineers’ Association/Community Initiatives and Advocacy Center/

.tounit the efforts and potential of the organization¬ís members and supports, andto direct them for assisting the Republic of Armenia in the strengthening andmaking powerful as a democratic, social and rule of law state;.toassist the consisting a civil society, for deepening democracy and human rightsdefence in the Republic of Armenia;.throughthe …

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3HO Foundation

[a:31bee9ab1a32f8c3646393e20387faa1:[imgur:buttoncpi.jpg:]]3HO FoundationHealthy Happy Holy OrganizationHappiness is your birthright!” This is what Yogi Bhajan declared on Jan 5

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8th Day Center for Justice

8th Day Center for Justice,a coalition of Catholic, religious congregations,commits to act as a critical alternative voice to oppressive systemsand to work actively to change those systems.VisionThe Spirituality of justice calls the staff of the 8th Day Center to envision a world of right relationships in which all creation is …

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9/11 Peace Initiative of Erie

9/11 Peace Initiative is a gathering of people from Erie and Crawford counties concerned that the US war on terrorism will become a permanent global war. We are committed to education and action to stop the war on terrorism, stop the escalation and spread of such war, and to work …

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