Issue Area: Sustainability Education

10 Percent

Our mission is to enhance and embrace diversity. Promote GLBT citizens’ abilities as equal contributors in the communities they live, regardless of ones religion, national origin, race, or sexual orientation. To help understand that ‘diversity’ is an asset to be valued as we move well into the 21st century, not …

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1000 Friends of Florida

1000 Friends of Florida promotes healthy urban and natural places by wise management of growth and change. We educate, advocate, negotiate and, when necessary, litigate to protect our high quality of life. We help citizens have the technical knowledge and access needed to ensure that public and private decisions lead …

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1000 Friends of Wisconsin

1000 Friends of Wisconsin was created in 1996 to protect and enhance Wisconsin’s urban and rural landscapes by providing citizens with the inspiration, information and tools they need to effectively participate in the decisions that have the greatest impact on community health: where we live, work, learn, play and how …

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2020 Fund

Achieving a Sustainable Planet by 2020The 2020 Fund is a hybrid global philanthropic and social venture investment platform. The Fund is dedicated to high-leverage investments in critical market infrastructure projects and enterprises (e.g.,, 2020 Metrics, Communications, and Advanced Technology Projects). In addition to its core investors, the 2020 Fund …

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221 Engineers’ Association

– To coordinate the efforts of the NGO members to promote the establishment of a state of social welfare and the rule of law in Armenia.- To implement policies for sustainable human development and human rights protection, particularly the

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3E Foundation

A charity working within emerging economies:- Promoting and supporting the education of Actuarial Sciences- Supporting the development of the actuarial profession- Facilitating research projects, e.g. exploring the long term effects of the pandemic outbreaks of AIDS/HIV on the socio-economic structuresThe work of 3E takes place in emerging economies or minority …

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4D permaculture

A permaculture stewardship network encouraging healthy humans, homes and habitatsWe organized in 2008 with three primary initiatives:PROTECT the environment by restoring and supporting ecological building, food, healing, and land stewardship practicesCREATE cooperative bioregional skill banks for permaculture training, employment, and volunteer opportunitiesTEACH and demonstrate permaculture ethics, principles, and practices

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5 ELEMENTOS – Instituto de Educação e Pesquisa Ambiental

O 5 ELEMENTOS – Instituto de Educação e Pesquisa Ambiental é uma organização não governamental sem fins lucrativos, qualificada como OSCIP (Organização da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público) fundada em São Paulo – Brasil em 1993, que busca a construção de uma sociedade democrática e sustentável, promovendo uma educação ambiental …

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