Issue Area: Sustainability Education

York Region Environmental Alliance YREA

Formed in 1999, the York Region Environmental Alliance is an incorporated not for profit charity dedicated to: *Educating the residents of York Region and beyond about environmental issues which impact their communities; *Initiating projects designed to protect and improve the quality of the environment. Member of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance …

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Young Environment Professionals of Canada

The Young Environmental Professionals (YEP) is national, volunteer organization dedicated to promoting opportunities for young and emerging environmental and sustainability professionals.YEP chapters in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and the National Capital Region have delivered over 100 speaker events to over 2000 members and participants. In addition, chapters have also provided …

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Young Environmental Professionals YEP

Young Environmental Professionals (YEP) is volunteer organization dedicated to promoting opportunities for young and emerging environmental and sustainability professionals.YEP was founded in November 1997 and has chapters in Vancouver, Calgary, and the National Capital Region. YEP believes that there are three key principles necessary to build capacity amongst its members.The first …

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Your Planet Earth YPE

Your Planet Earth is an interactive environmental website designed to promote the concept of sustainability by harnessing the power of the internet as a communications medium. Founded in December of 1999 by Kevin Whilden, YPE creates a means for people to learn about the issues that impact the environment and …

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Youth Alliance For Human Rights YAFHR

Youth Alliance For Human Rights is one of the biggest youth organizations of Pakistan. YAFHR was founded in 1997 by a group of youth leaders with a mission to work for the growing problems of young people in the country. In this regard YAFHR is Ø Initiating productive and innovative …

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Youth Challenge International

Our Mission:YCI builds the skills, experience and confidence of young people to effect positive change in their communities. Our Vision: YCI aspires to a world where youth can reach their full potential through active participation in the development of their communities. Our Values: Youth Involvement:Youth have a critical role to …

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Youth Initiative

Youth Initiative is a youth-led and youth-run not for profit youth organisation. It was established during late 1999 but was legally registered in the Dist. Administration Office in Kathmandu on April 2001. Youth Initiative has got affiliation with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal and is also a member …

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Youth Service California

[imgu:civic.gif:]AboutYouth Service California (YSCal) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making community service part of each young person’s life in California. YSCal believes youth service strengthens communities and develops healthy, civic-minded young people. MissionYouth Service California’s (YSCal) mission is to make service a part of every young person’s life in …

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