Issue Area: Sustainability Education

Yuwa Gram Vikas Prathisthan

Mission: To undertake programmes for rural development and welfare of youth.To conduct programmes for environment and agricultural development.To provide training to youth on leadership qualities.To undertake programmes for health, education and tribal development.

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Zentrum für Experimentelle GesellschaftsGestaltung [ZEGG]

ZEGG [Center For Experimental Culture Design] is an intentional community of 100 people located near Berlin. ZEGG`s goal is to integrate personal development, new social structures, political commitment and action so that a vision for a more humane world can grow. We see ourselves as an experimental community working together …

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Zola Goods

Zola is committed to offering solutions to environmental challenges and empowering those who want to make a difference in their community.Embracing a grassroots approach, Zola Coordinators educate individuals about small changes they can make to improve their lives and the environment.  Inspired by this message, guests will then have the …

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