Issue Area: Sustainability Education

Acadia Environmental Society AES

The Acadia Environmental Society is committed to providing an avenue through which students with interests in environmental issues can learn and grow. In our work towards a more sustainable future, both at Acadia University and in our larger communities, it is our goal to broaden our minds to the processes …

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ACFS Community Nutritional Education and Feeding Scheme

Our vision is to promote healthy contributing South African citizens who are economically viable, self sufficient and enjoy individual financial freedom. A happy individual will yield a happy family and finally a happy nation. Then this world will be a better place for us all.Our mission: – educate and feed …

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Ackerman Foundation

[imgur:ackerman_foundationnn.jpg:]The foundation was established as a charitable trust in 1992 by James F. Ackerman, a local entrepreneur and philanthropist. Established under the laws of the State of Indiana, the foundation welcomes and considers grant proposals from eligible organizations which are tax exempt under the United States Internal Revenue Service Code …

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ACP Civil Society Forum

The ACP Civil Society Forum was set up in 1997 following the first ACP NGO Conference in Entebbe Uganda. The Conference was organized with the objective of bringing together civil society organisations from the ACP regions, particularly after it was realized that in most sub-regions of the ACP Group, similar …

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Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet

Acterra empowers and inspires local residents, businesses, community groups, and governmental organization to take action on such environmental issues as carbon reduction. Acterra’s innovative environmental programs are:ACTerra Green – Uses WEb 2.0 tools and community events to unite groups such as schools, businesses and faith groups to fight climate change.Be …

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Action Against Militarism

Education and nonviolent direct action to build resistance to militarism, based on understanding that miltarism springs from hierarchical forms of power, including sexism.

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