Issue Area: Environmental Ethics

Alaska Interfaith Power and Light AIPL

Alaska Interfaith Power and Light (AIPL) is a faith-based organization aiming to create a coordinated religious voice on global warming, while deepening the connection between ecology and faith. The vision of AIPL includes maximizing the use of the abundant renewable energy available throughout Alaska, promoting energy efficiency and conservation. This …

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Alder Institute

The Alder Institute Inc. is a non-profit collective dedicated to representing an ecological point of view in public discourse, and to translating science into common language. Alder`s mandate focuses on, but is not limited to, the natural history of Newfoundland and Labrador. Alder was incorporated in December 1998 under the …

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Aldo Leopold Foundation

In 1982, Leopold’s children, Starker, Luna, Nina, Carl, and Estella, all respected conservationists themselves, established the Aldo Leopold Foundation in response to the growing interest in their father’s legacy. For more than twenty years, the Aldo Leopold Foundation has promoted the care of natural resources and fostered an ethical relationship …

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Allegheny Conservation Alliance

The Alliance was created to protect and preserve natural habitats of the Mid-Atlantic United States. The mission of the Allegheny Conservation Alliance is to enhance and sustain a positive relationship between communities and our environment. Recognizing that there is no clear way of halting the wheels of human industrial progress, …

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Altruistic Adventures – Expeditions for Earth and Humanity

The idea behind Altruistic Adventures stemmed from Jeff’s ever-increasing environmental and philanthropic ethic and his desire to create a permanent venue and resource for independent travelers who wish to maximize their experiences by including a charitable component in their journeys. Much of the inspiration behind Altruistic Adventures must be credited …

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AMARTI. Access to Multicultural Artwork for the Relief of Trauma Issues

WHAT IS AMARTI ?Amarti is an NGO whose aim is to combine arts and humanitarian relief, in the service of populations going through moral and material crises or collective traumas : victims of war, war rape, genocide, natural or ecological catastrophes; refugees or displaced persons; street children…HOW?. By offering a …

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American Association of Fundraising Counsel AAFRC

The Giving Institute, formerly the American Association of Fundraising Counsel (AAFRC) sought to enhance the professionalism of a field that was disorganized and sometimes misunderstood and mistrusted. Their first act was to develop a fair practice code. The code, known today as the Standards of Practice and Professional Code of …

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American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging AAHSA

[imgu:aa.gif:]About AAHSAThe members of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging serve two million people every day through mission-driven, not-for-profit organizations dedicated to providing the services people need, when they need them, in the place they call home. Our members offer the continuum of aging services: adult …

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American Forest Foundation AFF

The American Forest Foundation [AFF] began with the purpose of developing and administering programs that encourage the long-term stewardship of the environment and our natural resources.The American Forest Foundation is a 501 [c][3] nonprofit education and conservation organization working for healthy forests, quality environmental education, and to help people make …

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