Issue Area: Moral and Spiritual Education

Woven Media

Who We AreWoven Media is a collective of artists dedicated to ecological and cultural renewal.We collaborate with artists around the world to produce multimedia projects that honor and embrace the beauty and wisdom of the natural world.Woven Media forms alliances and works in solidarity with local artists and established community-level …

Read More compiles information for people who are interested intopics such as Natural cure, Ayurveda, kriya yoga, pranayama, aromatherapy, Vedanta, Indian philosophy and history, pilgrimage, health,vedic astrology, finance, travel, lifestyle. Our goal is to demystifythe hype and find value in day to day living. Information presentedhere is condensed based on experience …

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Yale F&ES Project on Climate Change

Objectives of the Project – to catalyze actionThe overall objective of the Yale F&ES Project on Climate Change is to facilitate implementation of recommendations from the Yale F&ES Conference on Climate Change, 2005. Specific objectives include the following. 1. Broaden the circle of engagement, facilitate dialogue and devise innovative new …

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Mission: The help to the population of Turkmenistan to achieve the harmony with an environment by ecological education

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Yayasan Amkili Irian Jaya Yamkili Irja

Yamkili Irja grew out of the struggle of Amkili ecclesiastical grassroots community in the Santa Yoseph Parish of Santo Fransiskus Xaverius Aima, Dioceses of Sorong, Papua. Activities:- Mental/spiritual support, including: cultural enrichment by exploring the roots of culture and its development, and spiritual guidance (liturgy, sermons, apostate)- Community-based economic development- …

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Yayasan Dian Kasih YADIKA

Vision StatementTo bring about a life that is prosperous and just, and developed by and for the community; to promote development of a community where all people are guaranteed the right to physical and spiritual well-being, with a full opportunity to education, health, permanent housing, safety and freedom to practice …

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Vision:To realize that the development of human resources is the most important element for future development. Individuals must be able to respond to challenges and utilize opportunities. To realize this a good command over information technology and management is required along with an awareness of one’s rights and obligations as …

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Yayasan Sosial Pansos YS Pansos Bodronoyo

Vision and Mission Statement:The basic vision followed by Pansos is to bring about the Kingdom of God on this earth with the following characteristics:- Peace- Harmony- ProsperityThe services provided by YS Pansos Bodronoyo are delivered through members. The main task of Pansos members is to raise the awareness among impoverished …

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