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The mission of December 18 is to promote and protect the rights of migrants with dignity and respect as basic values. Our goal is to support the work of migrant organizations in the different regions by using the Internet as a tool for advocacy, networking and the dissemination of information.Portal …

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1world communication

1world communication is an international non profit organization dedicated to bringing news, information, and opinions on the critical issues of our times, by activists and journalists from countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. International trade and financial agreements pushed by developed countries and backed by …

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911 Media Arts Center

911 Media Arts Center was incorporated in 1984 and is considered Washington State’s premier Media Arts Center. Our mission is to support the expressive use of innovative media tools by providing the access, training and environment needed to create/exhibit works of enduring merit and artistic excellence. We believe everyone can …

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A Coalition for Self-Learning

Mission Statement: The Coalition for Self-Learning envisions and co-creates a world of cooperative life-long learning communities. Principles and Goals: – Life-long learning communities are diverse, open places where individuals develop meaningful ways to enhance, enrich, honor and celebrate each other, families, communities and society, acting as a significant element in …

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A Future Without War AFWW

The goal of A Future Without War is to foster an internet-based community (people and organizations) working to create a future without war by putting into place those “necessary conditions” required by our biological nature if we seek peace. Based on a biological foundation and drawing heavily from history and …

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