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Active Sydney

Aims : * To be an electronic ‘information central’about talks, actions, festivals, meetings, films, gigs, fundraisers, court cases, conferences (and the rest!) in order to facilitate positive social change. * To be an interactive forum supporting people currently involved in a whole range of social movements and to inspire everyone …

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Activelink works with non-profit organisations to develop online communications in the public interest, to promote action and participation and to foster the sharing of ideas, experience and information for a better world.The internet provides great potential for campaigning, public education, advocacy and fundraising. It offers several advantages over traditional media:it …

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Activist San Diego [Southern California]

Activist San Diego is a social justice organization that promotes and facilitates the development of an active, inter-related, progressive community in San Diego through networking, culture and electronic technology.Activist San Diego has the objective of promoting cyber contact to help progressive activists meet and mobilize with each other in real …

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AED Satellife

Long before personal computers became a household presence in the United States, SATELLIFE recognized the power of information to transform health care in the world’s poorest countries, where poverty and disease claim their highest toll.Over the past nineteen years, SATELLIFE has been a leader in developing solutions to the everyday …

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Africa Computing

Afin de soutenir les initiatives locales et faciliter l’acquisition et la maîtrise des technologies de l’information, l’association Africa Computing propose des compétences techniques et humaines à des partenaires africains.Les actions menées par l’association s’effectuent à la fois de façon délocalisée depuis l’Europe et sur le terrain en Afrique. Pour son …

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Africa Water Journalist Network

Welcome to the Africa Water Journalists Network, a community of more than 1,000 journalists concerned with water. The network offers:A website and blog, places to share information, write more personally about water issues and your personal and professional water-related experiences , ask questions to colleagues in other countries, or just …

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African Centre for Biosafety ACB

The African Centre for Biosafety was conceived in response to the assessed urgent need to address the actual and potential risks posed by genetic engineering [GE] on the African continent by campaigning for GMOs to be subject to the most stringent biosafety measures.The ACB is committed to promoting the publication …

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African Education Resource Center AERC

The mission of the African Education Resource Center (AERC) is to promote the right to education among girls and women in Kenya through: * Distance education/e-learning * Conducting & disseminating research * Scholarships for high school girl * Book clubs/reading program * Mentoring programs * Training programsAERC goal is to …

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African Networks for Health Research [AFRO-NETS]

The electronic conference for the `African Networks for Health Research & Development` [AFRO-NETS] was established in 1997 to facilitate exchange of information among different networks active in Health Research for Development in Anglophone Africa, and to facilitate collaboration in the fields of capacity building, planning, and research.Topics for discussion include:Advocacy …

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