Issue Area: Journalism and the Press

Xchange Perspectives e.V.

Our worldviewThe philosophy of Xchange Perspectives grounds itself in the law of eternal interconnectedness of our diverse human identities. We trust that knowledge is universal, and thus is meant to be exchanged amongst us all. Through this sharing and communication of trust, Xchange Perspectives foresees a future of unity in …

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Ya Zhinka Women’s Center

Ya Zhinka is a legally registered small enterprise. It is both a women’s magazine and a social center. The magazine was first published in 1992, while the women’s center began in 1994. The purpose of Ya Zhinka, the magazine, is to present and discuss information and issues of importance to …

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Young Ecologist Club

The club publishes a weekly bulletin, Ecoclub, containing material of interest to environmentalists in both Ukraine and the NIS.

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– To contribute to journalists’ inetgration and tolerance towards each other;- To advocate for the young journalists’ right to search, receive and disseminate information;- To support independent activity of journalists by

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Youth Foundation 21st Century

The Youth Foundation 21st Century is a nongovernmental organization, whose main goal is to promote values of civil society, as well as to contribute to the improvement of a democratic society in the Republic of Moldova. Furthermore, the Youth Foundation 21st Century strives to create an awareness among the citizens …

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Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana

Youth Harvest Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2002.  The vision of the foundation is creating self-reliant and self-sufficient youth in healthy communities. Its mission is to identify unfulfilled needs of young people and to develop, implement and fund breakthrough solutions that have a lasting impact. To achieve our …

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Youth Radio

Youth Radio promotes young people`s intellectual, creative, and professional growth through training and access to media.Through hands-on practice, working relationships with industry professionals, and production of award-winning programming, Youth Radio students learn the basics of broadcasting. In the process, they`re exposed to a broad spectrum of media-related careers.But technical training …

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