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World Commission for Peace & Human Rights Council WORPHCO

WORLD COMMISSION FOR PEACE & HUMAN RIGHTS is though relatively new organization for the World Community , but its founders have serving the humanity for long. This two person dream now has become a reality and we have now more than 14000 members world wide who are dedicated to offer …

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World Energy Efficiency Association WEEA

WEEA has been formed to: (1) serve as a clearinghouse for information on energy efficiency programs, technologies and measures, (2) disseminate this information worldwide, and (3) publicize inter national cooperation efforts in energy efficiency. The World Energy Efficiency Association was founded in June 1993 as a private, non-profit organization composed …

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World Information Service on Energy WISE

WISE is an information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear energy, radioactive waste, radiation, and related issues.We publish the WISE/NIRS Nuclear Monitor 20 times a year.We`re small. We`re powerful. We`re anti-nuclear. We are grass-root oriented. And we are proud of what we have achieved. We …

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World Jurist Association

The World Jurist Association seeks to promote and foster world peace through the Rule of Law. Since its inception in 1963, the organization has worked closely with Chief Justices, judges, Ministers of Justice, Attorneys General, lawyers,law professors and other scholars. Our efforts are recognized by Heads of State and Government …

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World Peace Newsletter

The main goal of World Peace Newsletter is to promote World Peace as a viable possibility by breaking it down into small steps (we realize that many people believe peace is impossible). Step 1: Find Peace within. Step 2: Teach others the ways of Peace. Step 3: Strive to Evolve.The …

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World Resource Foundation

World Resource Foundation is a non-profit group working to inform a debate on sustainable post-cosumer waste management and resource recovery. Publishes an international bi-monthly magazine `Warmer Bulletin` . Has a comprehensive library of world-wide information.

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World Security Institute WSI

The World Security Institute (WSI) is a non-profit organization committed to independent research and journalism on global affairs.Given the extraordinary growth of global interdependence, WSI provides an innovative approach to communication, education, and cooperation on the social, economic, environmental, political and military components of international security. Through a variety of …

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World Trust Educational Services, Inc.

Welcome to WORLD TRUST, a nonprofit educational organizationwhose vision is is a vibrant, equitable, sustainable world that honors and embraces all people.World Trust’s mission is to support the day-to- day work required to build healthy, sustainable communities. World Trust implements its mission by: Producing and directing social media programs and …

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Writers Against The War

Writers Against The War is a network of writers across Canada who came together to try to stop the war on Iraq, and any Canadian participation in it. We are using our skills and our voices to promote peace and inspire hope. We believe in the power of words to …

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