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Xchange Perspectives e.V.

Our worldviewThe philosophy of Xchange Perspectives grounds itself in the law of eternal interconnectedness of our diverse human identities. We trust that knowledge is universal, and thus is meant to be exchanged amongst us all. Through this sharing and communication of trust, Xchange Perspectives foresees a future of unity in …

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Ya Zhinka Women’s Center

Ya Zhinka is a legally registered small enterprise. It is both a women’s magazine and a social center. The magazine was first published in 1992, while the women’s center began in 1994. The purpose of Ya Zhinka, the magazine, is to present and discuss information and issues of importance to …

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Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament CND

Yorkshire CND confronts the major nuclear issues of relevance to the world, the UK and the region head n. We provide information on peace and nuclear issues to the region’s media.We campaign in many ways: lobbying, public speaking, organising demonstrations and stunts, leafletting, letter writing and through non-violent direct action. …

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Young Ecologist Club

The club publishes a weekly bulletin, Ecoclub, containing material of interest to environmentalists in both Ukraine and the NIS.

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Youth and Environment Europe (YEE)

The aim of YEE is to encourage youth to be involved in environment protection and to provide a platform where these organisations can work together. YEE is an opportunity to contact other European organisations, to exchange experience and ideas or to work together. The activities of YEE are campaigns, youth …

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Youth Communication

Youth Communication helps teenagers develop their skills in reading, writing, thinking, and reflection, so they can acquire the information they need to make thoughtful choices about their lives.We do that by:• training teens in journalism and related skills;• publishing magazines, books and other materials written and illustrated by young people;• …

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Youth EcoCenter YEC

YEC sensitizes the local population to the Convention process through local meetings and through the publication of a bulletin. Offers a library service of Convention materials and national plan activities in Central Asia. Works with local communities in the Aini region on projects to save biodiversity.

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Youth Forum 2001

Priorities of work: 1) animal protection/wildlife 2) nature protection 3) public participation 4) publicationsActivities: awareness raising campaigns, cleaning actions, camps, information dissemination,lobbying/campaigning, networking, public meetings, publishing

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