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Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana

Youth Harvest Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2002.  The vision of the foundation is creating self-reliant and self-sufficient youth in healthy communities. Its mission is to identify unfulfilled needs of young people and to develop, implement and fund breakthrough solutions that have a lasting impact. To achieve our …

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Youth Law Project YLP

Objectives: Youth Law Project aims to assist and support young people who must take recourse to the legal system to redress their grievances, as well as to use the legal system to reaffirm the human rights of children and young adults.Activities: YLP provides free legal advice to any person under …

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Youth Nature Protection Brigade

Located within the Biology Department of the Tajikistan National University, the brigade is engaged in environmental education. In 1997, with funding from ISAR, the brigade established a resource center, where it conducts seminars for teachers and has compiled a library of environmental literature. It has also published environmental education booklets, …

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Youth Oppression Book

The Youth Oppression Book is a book that will contain stories about events that youth have suffered during fights for their civil rights and an equal role in society.

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Youth Press and Development Organisation [YPDO]

The Youth Press & Development Organization was formed in the year 2000 to address poverty issues that youths and other vulnerable groupings are undergoing. Youth empowerment is the direction of our objectives to fuse in life skills that would see them fish for life at the same time fight and …

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Zdru`enie Prespa

Priorities of work: >..environmental education>..environmental policy making>..nature protection>..public participation>..publications>..sustainable agriculture>..tourism/sustainable, eco tourism>..waste management>..water managementActivities: >..awareness raising campaigns>..conferences, meetings>..information dissemination>..lobbying, campaigning>..publishing

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Zdruzenje ekoloskih kmetov osrednje slovenije ZEKOS

ZEKOS activities: >..advisory services>..Sawareness raising campaigns>..conferences, meetings>>..information dissemination>..lobbying, campaigning>..networking>..public meetings>..publishing>..trainingComments:Organic food market in Ljubljana since 1999; presentations at the agricultural fair in Gornja Radgona; presentation of organic juice processing; lectures on composting (lecturer from Austria); publication of a guide on Farms Offer.

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Zeleny Svit ZS

Zeleny Svit was founded by a group of Kyiv writers and artists in December 1987 and established as a national organisation at its first Congress in October 1989. The organization has published the newspaper Zeleny Svit since 1990, and joined forces with Friends of the Earth International in 1991 as …

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