Issue Area: Animal Welfare and Rights

Act Up San Francisco

ACT UP San Francisco is a diverse collective of individuals united in anger and determined to end AIDS through militant, direct action. ACT UP San Francisco offers free information on HIV/AIDS, questioning the medical orthodoxy, animal rights, veganism, and other political issues. Literature packets available at the community space or …

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Action for Animals AFA

AFA operates under the simple principle that animals do not exist for humans to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment. We promote a Vegan lifestyle. AFA strives to end animal suffering through educational outreach, demonstrations, and media involvement.Volunteer OpportunitiesWe are always seeking volunteers who would like to work …

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Action Volunteers for Animals AVA

Action Volunteers for Animals is just what its name suggests: an organization of people who are active on behalf of non-human animals, and who give their time and energy without monetary reward.AVA began in 1972 as a group of Toronto Humane Society workers who kept this shelter animals alive during …

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Action Wildlife Foundation

Action Wildlife Foundation, Inc. offers residents of CT, MA and NY the unusual opportunity of observing and learning about animals from North America, Africa, India, New Zealand, Asia and the Artic. Not only is a visit to AW an education in animal life and habitats, it is also a fun …

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Actioncampaign Koen

Actioncampaign Koen is the name of a direct-action campaign to close down BPRC (Biomedical Primate Research Centre). We stand up for the animals, which are locked up and tortured, in the BPRC. We take complete freedom and autonomy in our actions. With our direct actions we build up the pressure …

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Activist BETA

The Activist BETA website was set up to form a nationwide support network for Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA)

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Adarsh Gaushala Samiti

Mission:To undertake animal welfare activities and to advocate banning of animal slaughter and use of chemical fertilisers and insecticides.

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ADDA Asociación para la defensa de los derechos del animal

fomentar el buen trato a todos los animales, atendiendo de cualquier forma legal a su PROTECCIÓN Y DEFENSA!, sin recursos económicos, pero con la ilusión y voluntad de sus fundadores, ADDA estableció su primera sede social en la ciudad de Mataró, posteriormente trasladada a la ciudad de Barcelona, con oficina …

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