Issue Area: Pesticides

Academy of Ecology Foundation

Organisation of applied seminars on biology, the environment and biotechnology with teachers.Priorities of work:agriculture/pesticidesbiodiversityenvironmental educationenvironmental impact assessmentenvironmental policy makingforestrynature protectionpublicationssustainable agricultureActivities:advisory servicesconferences, meetingseducationinformation disseminationlobbying/campaigningmonitoringpublic meetingspublishingresearchtraining

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Action Citoyenne pour les Alternatives aux Pesticides [ACAP]

Ce collectif compte aujourd’hui plus de 100 organisations, ce qui représente près de 300 associations réparties partout en France.>>> Pourquoi l’ACAP ?L’ACAP a pour objet d’informer nos concitoyens des dangers sanitaires liés à la pollution de l’eau, du sol, de l’air, des aliments, de nos corps… par les pesticides.L’ACAP a …

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Action Network for Pesticides and their Alternatives in Latin America

The Action Network for Pesticides and their Alternatives in Latin America, founded in June of 1983, is a network of organisations, institutions, associations and individuals that oppose the indiscriminate use of pesticides; support viable alternatives in the development of sustainable agriculture, and present proposals to reduce the use of agro-chemicals.

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Action Now

Action Now is a volunteer-based grassroots watchdog and educational organization dedicated to ending involuntary exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals. It focuses on the urban setting where the largest number of vulnerable people are concentrated and where environmental quality may already be unhealthy. It works to educate the public …

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Adarsh Gaushala Samiti

Mission:To undertake animal welfare activities and to advocate banning of animal slaughter and use of chemical fertilisers and insecticides.

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African Network for the Chemical Analysis of Pesticides ANCAP

ANCAP shall be a non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making scientific body devoted to the study, promotion and development of the science of all aspects of chemical analysis of pesticides, including residue analyses, degradation and environmental fate with the overall objective of not only safeguarding public health and the environment, …

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Ag Futures Alliance AFA Ventura County

The Ventura AFA was born in 2000. In the six years it has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments.The underlying success rests with formation of an active alliance of representatives from leading community organizations. These leaders are committed to formation of consensus positions on those issues most important to the …

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Ag Futures Alliance AFA Yolo County

The Yolo County Ag Futures Alliance has identified development mitigation policy as a significant opportunity to improve public policy and improve the results for agriculture and the environment. The group is developing a series of principles to guide effective mitigation in the County. The group expects to release it recommendations …

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