Issue Area: Pesticides

Andh Apang Gau Ashram Wankaner

Andh Apang Gau Ashram Wankaner mission is to undertake animal welfare activities and to advocate banning of animal slaughter and use of chemical fertilisers and insecticides

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Animal Care Trust

Mission:To undertake animal welfare activities and to advocate banning of animal slaughter and use of chemical fertilisers and insecticides.

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Antiquity Friends Community Hutovo

Comments:Cleaning and maintenance of cultural monumentsPriorities of work: 1) agriculture/pesticides 2) animal protection/wildlife 3) environmental education 4) nature protection 5) publications 6) sustainable agriculture 7) tourism/sustainable/eco tourismActivities: 1) cleaning actions, camps 2) education 3) publishing 4) research

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Arkansans For Animals AFA

Arkansans For Animals (AFA) was incorporated in 1986, by a group of young lawyers who wanted to help create legislation to protect animals from abuse and to assist other humane organizations and animal control agencies in their efforts to protect and improve the conditions of the animals in their communities. …

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Asociatia pentru Cercetare Multidisciplinara din Zona de Vest a Romaniei

Priorities of work: >..agriculture, pesticides>..animal protection, wildlife>..environmental education>..environmental impact assessment>..environmental policy making>>..forestry>..public participation>..sustainable agriculture>..water managementActivities: >..advisory services>..awareness raising campaigns>..conferences, meetings>>..information dissemination>..lobbying, campaigning>..research

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Associacion Comunitaria de Autosuficiencia ACA

Mission:ACA is a nonprofit Mexican association dedicated to promoting community based safe agriculture programs, and help facilitate the development of community gardens which grow produce without the danger to the consumer, employees and women and children who sustain themselves in agriculture.Our hands on training envirionment is open to clubs,schools, group …

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Association for Affirming Village Development

Priorities of work:agriculture/pesticidesanimal protection/wildlifeenvironmental educationenvironmental policy makingforestrynature protectionpublic participationsustainable agriculturetourism/sustainable/eco tourism Activities:awareness raising campaignscleaning actions, campsconferences, meetingseducationinformation disseminationmonitoringnetworkingresearchtraining

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Association For Environmental Protection Okanj – Elemir Eco – Okanj

Priorities of work:>..agriculture, pesticides>..air quality, air pollution>..animal protection, wildlife>..environmental education>..environmental impact assessment>..environmental policy making>..forestry>..nature protection>..public participation>..publications>..sustainable agriculture>..tourism, sustainable, eco tourism>..waste management>..water managementActivities: >..awareness raising campaigns> actions, camps>>..information dissemination>..monitoring>..networking>..publishing>..researchComments:Through its activities, the Association for Environment Protection Okanj” prevented the construction of a soot (carbon fillers) factory in Elemir. Okanj works to …

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Association for Peace and Human Rights Baranja

Coalition for the Protection of Human Rights, Female Network of Republic of Croatia. The project Production of Bio-organic Food” was carried out in partnership with the “BIOPA” NGO from Osijekwith financing by USAID-AED.Our Priorities of work: 1) agriculture/pesticides2) environmental education3) nature protection4) sustainable agriculture Activities: awareness raising campaigns

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