Issue Area: International Humanitarian Law and War Crimes

9/11 Peace Initiative of Erie

9/11 Peace Initiative is a gathering of people from Erie and Crawford counties concerned that the US war on terrorism will become a permanent global war. We are committed to education and action to stop the war on terrorism, stop the escalation and spread of such war, and to work …

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A Year Without War

A Year Without War is an evolving on-line global community dedicated to realizing the year 2020  as a year without war. The AYWW community will grow to at least 765 million members by 2020 as 765 million will be 10% of the predicted human population in 2020. Social Science research …

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ACLU of Minnesota Foundation

The ACLU-MN Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity organized to help maintain and defend the rights of free speech, free press, free assemblage, and other human and civil rights and liberties secured by law; to provide legal defense of civil liberties secured by law for those persons who cannot afford …

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ACLU of Wisconsin Northeastern Chapter

The Northeastern Chapter of the ACLU of Wisconsin, seeks to defend the rights of free speech, free press, free assembly, free exercise of religion, and other civil rights as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. It offers educational opportunities to the public about their rights, investigate alleged violations of rights, and …

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ACOETIS Agence de Coordination en Etudes Internationales de Santé

ACOETIS is an International Not For Profit Organization. ACOETIS is supporting developping countries in their sustainable development, facilitating and coordinating international and humanitarian health programs between governmental institutions and Financial and Technical Partners(PTF)in respect to The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Mission: Equitable access to care in quality to be a …

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Act Against War

Direct Action to Stop the War Goals These goals were updated and agreed to at the May 25, 2003 DASW Spokescouncil Meeting. The proposal for modifying DASW`s goals stated in part, Our intention is to make our goals a more relevant defining framework for long term organizing and for deepening …

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ADDAMEER Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association

Addameer believes in the internationality of human rights based on the respect of human dignity as a priority, the totality of which is constructed upon international laws and conviction.Addameer also believes in the importance of building a free and democratic Palestinian society based on justice, equality, rule of law and …

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AFS Intercultural Argentina

AFS Programas Interculturales es la organización más importante del mundo en el campo de las experiencias interculturales. Su carácter de institución voluntaria, sin fines de lucro, no gubernamental y sin ningún tipo de afiliación política, étnica o religiosa, la convierten en una organización única en su género.Desde 1955 ofrece en …

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Aid Without Borders AWB

[imgur:20.gif:]Aid Without Borders (AWB) offers humanitarian aid to residents of regions in distress; to victims of natural disasters as well as tragedies of human origin; and to victims of violent conflict throughout the world, providing assistance to all individuals in need regardless of background.AWB is in no way involved in …

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