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Abolition 2000 Global Network

MissionIn April 1995, the 25-year-old Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was reviewed at the United Nations to evaluate whether it should be extended. Activists from around the world were dismayed that, in renewing the treaty, nations had left the issue of nuclear abolition off the agenda. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from dozens of …

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Act Now to Stop War and End Racism ANSWER Chicago

Join the struggle for social justice in our communities and all over the world. Be a part of building an independent people’s movement to stop war, racism and all forms of oppression. Help organize to end colonial occupation in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Haiti, and everywhere.This summer, fall and beyond ANSWER …

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Another Life International ALiWA

MissionThis orgainsation is reaching out with help in Rwanda due to political war and tribalism in Rwanda so many people are orphans and widows, others are on the streets because their houses were affected by the war. so it has been our task to change peoples lives in Rwanda and …

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Asociación de Beneficiencia

MisiónConstruir una cultura de paz que transforme las situaciones de violencia en oportunidades de desarrollo, a través de acciones formativas dirigidas a personas y comunidades en México. VisiónMás mexicanos sin violencia.Objetivos

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Asociación Red de Emisoras Comunitarias del Magdalena Medio AREDMAG

AREDMAG es una organización comunitaria de carácter no gubernamental, que fomenta y ejecuta actividades educativas, culturales y de participación comunitaria, para contribuir al “desarrollo humano sostenible” y a ”la paz digna” de la comunidad del Magdalena Medio, una de las regiones más afectadas por el conflicto armado en Colombia. Tiene …

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Belarus Campaign to Ban Landmines CBL/SCAF

The campaign, a global network of organisations working to eradicate antipersonnel mines, has adapted and expanded since it was founded in 1991.Antipersonnel mines were first used on a wide scale in World War II. Since then they have been used in many conflicts, including in the Vietnam War, the Korean …

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Burma Lifeline

Burma Lifeline is dedicated to raising funds to help refugees from the tyranny in Burma to survive in neighboring countries (principally Thailand). We provide emergency funding to the Burma Relief Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand, support four border clinics (providing both inpatient and outpatient care to refugees, provide funding (through …

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