Issue Area: Arms Trading

Arms Trade Resource Center

The Arms Trade Resource Center, is a project of research and public education on preventative diplomacy and the control of international arms transfers that seeks to promote new U.S. policies appropriate to the realities of the post-Cold War world.The Arms Trade Resource Center was established in 1993 to engage in …

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Arms Transfer Working Group ATWG

The Arms Transfer Working Group (ATWG) is an alliance of primarily Washington, D.C. – based arms control, development, economic conversion, human rights and religious organizations concerned about the spread of conventional weaponry around the world. ATWG serves as a clearinghouse of information and a point of contact for strategizing and …

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Block the Builders

Block the Builders is a new campaign which aims to nonviolently prevent the building of a new laser facility at AWE Aldermaston, the first stage of a series of proposed developments which would enable AWE Aldermaston to build the next generation of nuclear weapons.Many people, and local Councils, now demand …

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Bolton Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

We are a local peace group whose aim is the abolition of war through general and complete disarmament starting with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. To this end we campaign for the UK to: – renounce nuclear, chemical and biological weapons – withdraw from the NATO nuclear alliance – remain …

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