Issue Area: Land and Naval Mines

Actiongroup Landmine – Germany

Since 1995 the member organizations of the German Initiative to Ban Landmines have supported demining and victim assistance projects in 20 countries with more than 18 million EURO. A drop in the ocean – because over 100 million landmines are not yet cleared and 2,000 victims injured or killed each …

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Adopt-A-Minefield® is a campaign of the United Nations Association of the USA, which engages individuals, community groups, and businesses in the United Nations effort to resolve the global landmine crisis. The Campaign helps save lives by raising funds for mine clearance and survivor assistance and by raising awareness about the …

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Adopt-A-Minefield [UK] / UNA Trust

Adopt-A-Minefield raises awareness and funds to clear landmines and rehabilitate landmine survivors.We are a global campaign, with partners in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Sweden. In the UK, Adopt-A-Minefield is a programme of the United Nations Association [UNA] Trust [registered charity no. 256236]. We educate people about the …

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Afghan Campaign to Ban Landmines ICBL

The campaign, a global network of organisations working to eradicate antipersonnel mines, has adapted and expanded since it was founded in 1991.The International Campaign to Ban Landmines is committed to an international ban on the use, production, stockpiling, and sale, transfer, or export of antipersonnel landmines. We call for:- Universalization …

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Afghan Technical Consultants ATC

The principle objective of ATC is the elimination of mines and UXOs throughout Afghanistan.Other ATC objectives are summarized by the following:1. To facilitate the safe return of Afghan refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes and land;2. To facilitate the resumption of normal economic activities;3. To provide an emergency …

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Aid for Victims of Cambodian LandMines AVCLM

Our Vision Our vision is to rescue Cambodia from the legacy of landmines by healing damaged communities and helping villages become whole and self-sustaining. Constant stories in the international press tell about the many thousands of Cambodians killed, maimed, and hurt by landmines. They provide reminders of the visible suffering …

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Aktionsbündnis Landmine

Warum wurde die NRO gegründet?Mitglieder: Brot für die Welt, Christoffel Blindenmission,Justitia et Pax, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Deutscher Caritasverband,Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, EIRENE-International, HandicapInternational, Kindernothilfe, medico international, Misereor,OXFAM-Deutschl. weitere Mitglieder s. KooperationZiele, Satzungszweck1. Verbot aller Minen und minenähnlichen Waffen (z.B. Streumunition) 2. Offenlegung aller Lagerbestände von Minen 3. Vernichtung aller existierender Minen 4. Umwidmung …

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Al-Alamain Plaintiffs

Mission:Campaigning to get the governments of England,Germany and Italy to remove the 30,000,000 landmines they planted in Egypt in 1943-44 and to compensate the victims thereof as well as pay Egypt US$ 3 trillion in reparation.

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Alaskans for Responsible Mining ARM

Alaskans for Responsible Mining (ARM) is a voluntary association of non-governmental organizations working together to raise public awareness of the impacts of the mining industry to Alaska’s watersheds, wildlife, fisheries, communities and public health and to reform Alaska’s inadequate mining laws.Alaskans for Responsible Mining (ARM) is hiring a Alaska Mining …

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