Issue Area: Acid Rain

Coalition for Clean Air, Sacramento

The Coalition for Clean Air was founded over 30 years ago, at a time when clean air in California seemed almost unimaginable. In the 1970’s, the air in many parts of the state was choked with smog, taking a serious toll on public health and the environment. Although there is …

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Earth Protector

Earth Protector� Activities * Promoting hydrogen fuel production and use * Supporting the manufacture and installation of fuel cells * Promoting electricity conservation through efficient technologies in commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional facilities * Spay or neuter cats and dogs * Ban the cruel and vicious leghold trap * Rainforest …

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Junction Creek Stewardship Committee

Junction Creek, which flows through the City of Greater Sudbury and outlying communities, is but a pale shadow of its former self. A creek that once ran clear and clean has been degraded by decades of industrial and urban misuse and abuse. A combination of acid rain and heavy metal …

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Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center KECC

Founded in 1989, KECC is active in the fields of nature conservation, bio-diversity protection, and support to environmental NGOs. Its main project, Love of Nature, seeks to promote the development of an environmental ethic in Ukraine and the former USSR, similar to the ideology that was developed in America by …

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Nadace Slun’cko

The foundation was established in 1991 with aim of supporting NGOs, focusing on issues such as alternative and renewable energy sources, reduction of harmful emissions, energy savings and nature conservation. Its main sponsor is the Swedish NGO Secretariat on Acid Rain and its activities are focused on the Czech republic.Environmental …

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Nature Conservation Society NCS

Awareness building on the threats to the natural environment; researches on ecology, environment and ethnology; survey and monitoring of biodiversity; conservation of nature and natural resources through people`s participation particularly tribal people. Realising that creating environment awareness among all the sections of society is the need of the hour, Nature …

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Newfound Lake Region Association NLRA

NLRA is a non-profit organization formed by concerned citizens in 1971. It is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the lake and surrounding region. Water quality analysis is our #1 job, and we have been constantly sampling and testing for acid rain, water transparency, nutrients and algae growth since …

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PollutionWatch is your source for information about the toxic pollution that facilities release in your community. On this web site, you can: Search for polluters in your area using your postal code. Search for facilities releasing Criteria Air Contaminants, pollutants that cause smog and acid rain. Obtain information about the …

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