Issue Area: Acid Rain

Rainforest Foundation Japan RFJ

OBJECTIVES: To promote the importance of protecting rainforests and of human rights activitiesOVERSEAS ACTIVITIES:- Afforestation, protection of wild animals- Literacy education for indigenous children- Agricultural production project

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Robin Wood

In 1982 a dozen environmentalists banded together because they could no longer just sit back and watch the forests perish. They called themselves ROBIN WOOD, inspired by the legendary character, and sprang into action as non-violent Defenders of the Leaf”. Initially ROBIN WOOD focused on the topic of acid rain. …

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Sierra Club Mud Creek Group

Our Programs.1) Energy and Climate ChangeEnergy is the driving factor of our economy and way of life. The choices we make in comsuming energy have the potential to have enormous impacts on our atmosphere and environment. The excessive consumption of fossil fuels has led to increased respiratory illness (from smog …

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Sierra Club Rio Hondo Group

John Muir founded the Sierra Club in 1892 with 182 like-minded members, and immediately the Club set out to protect America’s pristine forests and wild areas.For over a century, the Sierra Club has played a key role in protecting more than 132 million acres in America’s national park and wilderness …

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Stop Driving

bike to your place of choice. its time to get off your ass and stop pollution and ride a bike. you cant make everyone suffer because you are lazy. try walking to the corner or taking public trnsportation, but to thoes reading this im sure you have already goten past …

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This group is online community to demand to stop pollution of the Ulaanbaatar city in Mongolia, the world’s most polluted capital. In this city, coal fired smoke & water pollution has become serious problems. During the dark & smokie winter over the city people are passive to expressing their voices …

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Youthcomm is an ‘Integrated Communications Platform’, comprising of 3 main components in which young people can involve themselves as volunteers:

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