Issue Area: Air Quality and Pollution

10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania

We are committed to achieving the following objectives: *Revitalize existing communities and business districts *Strengthen local, regional, and Commonwealth land use planning and *consistency of implementation through legislation, education, and incentives *Encourage future development near existing infrastructure *Reduce traffic congestion and air and water pollution *Provide housing for people of …

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1000 Friends of Houston

Houston is in a tough moment. Widely perceived by people in other places as an unhealthy and uninteresting place to live, the Houston region is also probably the last in the United States to marshal the energy and intellect to do the innovative things to create a place that can …

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A-Project n.o.

Priorities of work: 1) air quality/air pollution 2) economic instruments 3) environmental education 4) nature protection 5) public participation 6) publications 7) tourism/sustainable/eco tourismActivities: advisory services, conferences, meetings, education, information dissemination, monitoring,public meetings,publishing, research, training

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ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.

The ABS CBN Foundation, Inc. (USA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to raising funds to improve the lives of abused and disadvantaged children and women in the Philippines, primarily through the programs of the ABS-CBN Foundation in the Philippines.The Foundation supports the 24-hour child abuse rescue operation named Bantay …

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AbundantHope is a global organization, serving the ascension of our planet into a higher vibrancy. I have Regional Directors currently serviing Western and Eastern Europe, North America, Central America, South America, and Australia/New Zealand. More coming. The organization is the ground organization” directly supporting the goals of our particular Universe …

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Academic Environemntal Center SOZOLOG

Our Priorities of work: —> air quality/air pollution—> animal protection/wildlife—> biodiversity—> environmental education—> environmental legislation—> nature protection—> tourism/sustainable/eco tourism—> waste management—> water management

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Action for a Clean Environment

Formed in 1990 to fight – and defeat – the giant incinerator planned for Alto that would have burned garbage from 13 counties. ACE is an all volunteer group. Our purpose is to maintain the purity of our air, water and earth.

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