Issue Area: Chemical Pollution

African Network for the Chemical Analysis of Pesticides ANCAP

ANCAP shall be a non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making scientific body devoted to the study, promotion and development of the science of all aspects of chemical analysis of pesticides, including residue analyses, degradation and environmental fate with the overall objective of not only safeguarding public health and the environment, …

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Agricultural Research Center & Pesticide Education Project

The Agricultural Resources Center (ARC) and Pesticide Education Project (PESTed) is a non-profit organization working in North Carolina since 1986 to minimize human and environmental exposure to toxic pesticides. We watchdog public officials in North Carolina and work to improve public policy, as well as educating individuals and institutions about …

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Alianza de Grupos Ambientales de México, A.C

Analysis and research of environmental problems, with an emphasis on waste management. We have a research laboratory and our own magazineCurrent Border Environment Projects and Activities:Discovery and analysis of illegal waste dumps. Analysis of water quality in the San Juan watershed.Future Border Environment Projects and Activities:Promotion of social action in …

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All Green Electronics Recycling

All Green Electronics Recycling offers free pick-up and drop-off in the United States for your old computers, televisions, printers, monitors, cell phones and all other outdated electronics.All Green Electronics Recycling is the world’s most responsible recycler. All Green Electronics Recycling takes unwanted or obsolete electronic equipment and ensures that none …

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Alliance for a Responsible Swine Industry ARSI

Alliance for a Responsible Swine Industry (or ARSI), is a non-profit organization established in an effort to fight against a lack of regulations in the hog industry. ARSI was the original organization to call attention to hog pollution. Many of our members are people whose lives and homes have been …

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Amur Socio-Ecological Union SEU

The SEU is an umbrella for nearly 300 organizations and groups in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Their activities are aimed at the harmonization of society and nature, conservation and rehabilitation of the cultural and natural environment, and against actions that destroy spiritual …

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Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami Environmental Programs

The Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami Environmental Programs is a first of its kind in Ontario. It is the first community-based environmental organization incorporated as a not-for-profit in the province.In addition to the website, check out our podcasts and map:

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Associação de Agricultura Orgânica AAO

A Associação de Agricultura Orgânica é uma organização não – governamental, sem fins lucrativos, fundada em maio de 1989 por um grupo de engenheiros agrônomos, produtores, jornalistas e pesquisadores que já praticavam a agricultura orgânica e acreditavam na sua viabilidade sócio-econômica e ambiental. Mais do que difundir práticas e técnicas, …

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Associação de Combate aos POPs ACPO

A ACPO – Associação de Combate aos POPs é uma entidade pública com personalidade jurídica e sem fins lucrativos. Aberta para o público interessado na proteção do meio ambiente e da saúde pública.Apoiada pela assistência voluntária de colaboradores como médicos, engenheiros, jornalistas, professores e outros profissionais, a ACPO tem o …

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