Issue Area: Chemical Pollution

Crystal Faraday

Crystal Faraday is the UK innovation centre for green chemical technology. We are here to unite industry, academics and government around a common purpose – to make industry more profitable and society more environmentally sustainable through chemistry and engineering. Crystal is now fully integrated with the Chemistry Innovation Knowledge Transfer …

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Czech Envionment Management Center CEMC

Priorities of work: environmental educationenvironmental legislationenvironmental policy makingenergypublicationswaste managementActivities: advisory servicesconferences, meetingseducationinformation disseminationlobbying/campaigningpublishingresearchtraining

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Department of the Planet Earth

The Department of the Planet Earth is a non-profit citizen group with board members from the United States and Canada, which specializes in bringing information about toxics, climate change, and other hazards to the attention of governmental regulatory and research agencies and elected officials.  We often undertake campaigns that involve …

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