Issue Area: Coastal and Marine Human Impacts

WWF New Zealand

WWF New Zealand was established in 1975 as a Charitable Trust. We are part of the global WWF network working to conserve biological diversity, ensure sustainable use of renewable resources and reduce pollution.In New Zealand , we have four main areas of focus:Campaiging on marine conservation, including for the rare …

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 Yellahoose is a web development, programming database design, UNIX systems administration and project management business based in New England. Its focus, albeit not exclusively, is on building software, web products, data management systems and visualization tools for organizations focused on environmental issues.Recent projects have included systems for

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Zoological Foundation of El Salvador

The Zoological Foundation of El Salvador (FUNZEL) is aSalvadoran non-profit organization, founded in 1989, with a mission to protectand conserve the wildlife of El Salvador. FUNZEL is involved in various programsand projects to conserve wildlife and their ecosystems but specializes inconservation programs for four species of sea turtle that nest …

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