Issue Area: Coastal and Marine Pollution

Acadia Institute of Oceanography AIO

Our MissionAIO introduces young people to the exciting world of marine science through a unique hands-on curriculum that combines biological, physical and chemical oceanography with field, classroom, offshore, and laboratory work.Who Attends AIO?Every summer more than 165 young people attend AIO from all over the United States and around the …

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Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea ACOPS

The primary aim of the Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea [ACOPS] is to promote and implement strategies for the sustainable development of the coastal and marine environment, through scientific, legal and policy research, advisory and public awareness activities, and development of project proposals for Partnership Conferences of all …

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Against Port Expansion in Delta

APE (Against Port Expansion in Delta) is a group of concerned citizenswho recognize that expansion plans for Deltaport’s container terminalwill see the degradation of the quality of life for thousands of LowerMainland residents; the industrialization of prime agricultural land;and the loss of globally-significant habitat for salmon, migratingbirds and orca whales. …

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Agence pour la Recherche et la Valorisation Marines ARVAMT

L’ARVAM (Agence pour la Recherche et la Valorisation Marines) est une agence d’exécution qui a pour objectif d’assurer un relais entre la Recherche Scientifique et les responsables de l’Environnement et du Développement dans la zone Océan Indien et plus particulièrement à la Réunion.Avec ses partenaires, l’agence participe depuis 1991 à …

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AGENDA for Environment and Responsible Development [AGENDA]

AGENDA works on environmental issues that cut across different sectors. Its work areas include: Chemicals and Chemical Wastes; Solid Wastes; Biodiversity; Coastal Environment; Integrated Environment Management; and Social Aspects of environmental Management. Its modes of work range from applied research and surveys to direct interventions, awareness raising activities and advocacy for …

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Alaska Marine Conservation Council AMCC Homer

People throughout Alaska working to protect the health and diversity of our marine ecosystems.The Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) is a community-based organization of people who care about the health and future of Alaska’s oceans and coastal communities. Our members are fishermen, subsistence harvesters, marine scientists, small business owners and …

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Alaska SeaLife Center

The Alaska SeaLife Center is a non-profit marine science facility dedicated to understanding and maintaining the integrity of the marine ecosystem of Alaska through research, rehabilitation and public education. The Center`s research facilities and naturalistic exhibits immerse visitors in the dynamic marine ecosystems of Alaska. Research Center-based research projects help …

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Albatross Foundation

Our Aims: >To protect the Galápagos land and marine environments and the diversity of the islands’ unique ecosystems >To plan and run educational programs which will help the young people to develop enthusiasm, commitment and scientific knowledge in relation to their home and its environment >To enable the youth of …

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Aldabra Marine Programme AMP

Coral reefs are the planet’s most diverse marine ecosystem, with the highest standing biomass, and the most species of fishes. Coral reefs are crucial to tropical ocean functions and to the human populations utilising the natural resources in these regions. Yet many of these complex ecosystems are threatened by impacts …

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