Issue Area: Energy Pollution

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme REEEP Cambodia

[imgul:med_reeep.gif:]The South-East Asia and Pacific Regional Secretariat was launched in May 2006 with support from the Australian Government’s Department of Environment and Heritage.The Secretariat is based at the Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE). The BCSE is a member based industry association representing the sustainable energy industry in Australia, …

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme REEEP Central Europe

[imgul:med_reeep.gif:]Central EuropeThe REEEP Secretariat for Central and Eastern Europe is managed by the Environmental Centre (REC), a non-partisan, not-for-profit, independent and international organisation with a mission to assist in solving environmental problems in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).REEEP VisionWe seek to accelerate and expand the development of renewable energy and …

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme REEEP Southern Europe

[imgul:med_reeep.gif:]Southern EuropeThe REEEP does not have a formal secretariat for Southern Europe, however we work closely with the Mediterranean Renewable Energy Programme (MEDREP). MEDREP works to overcome the barriers to renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Mediterranean region. The partnership covers Southern Europe and North Africa.REEEP VisionWe seek to …

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Renewable Energy Partners of New Mexico REP

Renewable Energy Partners of New Mexico (REP) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, founded in 1998 by Richard Mason, Charles Bensinger and Clare Zurawski.The mission of REP is: To promote the use of utility-scale renewable energy for electrical generation and to further the use of renewable transportation fuels.In 2003 …

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Réseau Action Climat-France

Le Réseau Action Climat-France en bref…[imgur:reseau.jpg:]Le Réseau Action Climat-France (RAC-F) est une association spécialisée sur le thème de l’effet de serre et du changement climatique. Il est le représentant français du réseau mondial d’ONG concernées par les changements climatiques, le CAN : Climate Action Network”

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Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, rooted in the spirit of unconditional nonviolence, is dedicated to radically progressive personal and social change. As a multi-issue organization, we work to restore and protect earth and human rights. We educate, organize, act, and build community in order to create a culture …

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Save Ward Valley

Ward Valley, California is a vibrant ecosystem on land considered sacred by Native Americans. Joann Tall (recent winner of the Goldman Environmental Award) and an Ogala Lakota is one of the eloquent spokespersons against the proposed dumping of low level nuclear waste at Ward Valley. The video voices the concerns …

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Seriously Green

A fun and illuminating documentary on issues keeping us from a getting us to a greener agenda faster.  Check us out at .

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Shayari is a community of about 80 indigenous Kiwcha located in the Ecuadorian Amazon about 2.5 hours from Lago Agrio.  The community traditionally has subsisted on the cultivation of coffee, cacao, yucca, corn, papaya, and a few other subsistence crops.  The community has recently started an ecotourism project in an …

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